Lifting for rail stations

Rail stations often require the assistance of GGR Rail’s full Network Rail Product Acceptance lifting equipment for important repair work or installation operations. Our range of mini cranes and lifters are used for lifting steelwork or passenger scheduling systems inside stations, as well as for replacing glazing panels outside train stations.

GGR Rail has provided equipment, along with PTS trained operators, to work on projects across the UK with Network Rail. As an organisation, GGR Rail is Link-Up Proof Audited and delivers faster and more cost-effective results for rail station repairs and refurbishments. We are the essential railway partner for restricted access lifting.

To discuss your lifting requirements or if you require further information, contact GGR Rail today.

GGR Rail - Safe & Efficient Lifting Solutions

GGR Rail mini spider cranes and panel lifters have been used for a wide variety of rail projects and environments, providing safer and more efficient results.  Our dedicated lifting machines prevent no tripping hazard, reduce the chances of a dangerous collision and are quick to set up and compared to RRVs.