Power & Distribution


Power Lifting Solutions

GGR Rail provides machines for important lifting operations within the power and distribution sector of the rail industry. Offering a range of mini cranes with full Network Rail Product Acceptance, we achieve installation work of transformer boxes and HVAC systems, as well as replacement work of isolators and bushings.

With a vast experience of working with Network Rail projects across the UK, GGR Rail is also Link-Up Proof Audited and offers PTS trained operators for all railway work. We are the essential railway partner for heavy duty lifting, delivering a more cost-effective approach for all railway maintenance projects.

To discuss your lifting requirements or if you require further information, contact GGR Rail today.

GGR Rail - Safe & Efficient Lifting Solutions

GGR Rail mini spider cranes and panel lifters have been used for a wide variety of rail projects and environments, providing safer and more efficient results.  Our dedicated lifting machines prevent no tripping hazard, reduce the chances of a dangerous collision and are quick to set up and compared to RRVs.