Technical Support


Free Site Surveys

GGR Rail has the knowledge and the railway infrastructure experience to give you complete peace of mind when taking on your rail lifting job. We’ll visit your project site and conduct a free site survey to assess the best method and equipment for your lifting operation.

Contract Lift Solutions

Get your rail project completed with ease and efficiency thanks to GGR Rail’s complete contract lift package. GGR can handle any aspect of your lift, from all health and safety requirements, to lift completion.

Our contract lift package includes:

  • Free site survey to assess the best method and equipment for your project.
  • Lift Plan and Risk Assessment produced by GGR’s CPCS accredited Appointed Persons.
  • Dedicated contract lift team including: PTS qualified crane operators, CPCS accredited crane supervisor and PTS slinger / signaller.

To discuss your lifting requirements or if you require further information, contact GGR Rail today.

GGR Rail - Safe & Efficient Lifting Solutions

GGR Rail mini spider cranes and panel lifters have been used for a wide variety of rail projects and environments, providing safer and more efficient results.  Our dedicated lifting machines prevent no tripping hazard, reduce the chances of a dangerous collision and are quick to set up and compared to RRVs.