Rail Operators


For safer lifting operations

GGR Rail provides Personal Track Safety (PTS) trained and London Underground trained operators to assist with your rail lifting requirements.  If you are looking to hire a mini crane and need an operator, we have experienced CPCS A66 qualified personnel available for a variety of rail jobs and environments that can be hired on a daily or weekly basis:

  • A66 Endorsement A – mini cranes
  • A66 Endorsement B – Pick & Carry
  • PTS (Personnel Trackside Safety) trained operators for rail jobs
  • LUL – London Underground work
  • Slinger signallers

To discuss your lifting requirements or if you require further information, contact GGR Rail today.

Rail Operators

*Crane Operator Hire is subject to terms and conditions, please contact us for more information.

GGR Rail - Safe & Efficient Lifting Solutions

GGR Rail mini spider cranes and panel lifters have been used for a wide variety of rail projects and environments, providing safer and more efficient results.  Our dedicated lifting machines prevent no tripping hazard, reduce the chances of a dangerous collision and are quick to set up and compared to RRVs.